NPL Searches

Non-patent literature is required for almost all use cases in patent search and innovation intelligence – except for freedom-to-operate/clearance searches and those related to IPR&D analytics which exclusively focuses on patent landscapes. For all other use cases, non-patent literature is a must.

Key search areas we cover include: top-cited journals, eBooks and conference proceedings, scholarly, government and general-interest titles, abstracts, Open Access full text, clinical resources, allied health research database etc.

Various databases that can be smartly chosen, based upon the domain of interest may include databases like Google Scholar, Scirus etc. and technology domain specific scientific journals such as PubMed,, IEEE, ASME, ACM, STN etc. Offline NPL sources include chapters in books, conference proceedings, thesis, dictionaries etc.

Plus Points

Use of Professional Databases for Prior Art Search, Detailed Mapping of Top Relevant References, A List of Other Peripheral References that can be of any interest to the client, Translated PDFs of Non-English References, Patentability Opinion from Intellectual Experts

Turn-Around Time

3-4 Working Days