Patent drawings / illustrations

We deliver simple as well as complex utility patent drawings. Our team have perfect experience in preparing High-Quality Patent Drawings. We give you ready to file Patent Drawings to be filed at USPTO, EPO, WIPO, SIPO, UKIPO, and other global Patent Offices.


Product & Standard Mapping

As Design Patent Drawings used to protecting the appearance of your inventive idea, we provide you ready to file Design Patent Drawings to be filed at USPTO, EPO and other global patent offices.

We cover every aspect while preparing the Drawings as in dashed lines, accurate size, shape, shading, consistency, margins and as per requirements of the patent offices where drawings are required to file i.e US, EP, UK, DE, IL, AU, RU, CA, JP, KR, WIPO Other.

Why US?
Cost Irrespective of number of drawings in one sheet No Additional cost will be charged for Iterations We deliver in all possible formats like MS Word, MS-Visio, PDF, etc. Delivery within 1-3 working days