Patent Landscape Analysis and Whitespace Analysis

A comprehensive study of the patents in a technology field to help you understand the current and future trends in technology and explore lucrative business opportunities. Technology landscapes are an important asset in the technology development that summarize the IP activities of competitors, market overview and gaps (whitespace analysis) in the technology domain. Technology Landscape Analysis provides an in-depth analysis to ascertain the existing technology and the market trend in the domain of concern. It involves a competitive analysis of the past, present and future trend in technology that helps one to plan and innovate research strategy. This also helps to identify white space in the subject technology domain.


Company Portfolio Analysis

For Assessing the State of Research in a Technology Area Prior to Investing in R&D

Competitor Analysis

Technology Trends and Roadmaps

Whitespace Analysis

Commercial Viability

Collaboration Intelligence (inventors, institutions, law firms)

Prosecution Tracking

Intelligence Dashboards

Problem & Solution analysis

Citation study

Landscape Reports include:

State-of the art of the technology patents and non-patent scientific literatures)

Competitor landscapes – existing competition,

Technology trends and innovations

Licensing opportunities

Investment, M&A, R&D activities

Gap analysis

Available opportunities from different technology areas (enter new market areas)